Good mornnnnnning, tumblr

Yeaaaaahhhhh it is!



Good mornnnnnning, tumblr

Yeaaaaahhhhh it is!

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So much stirring of pots


Nothing marks October like the endless stream of late night horror movies and creature features. Because of this being a somewhat popular opinion among ghoulish geeks the world over, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a thing… a spectacular and amazing thing.

For those of you not familiar, MST3K was a campy Show made on a shoe string budget about a space janitor and his robot companions who are forced to watch shitty B-reel movies by the scientists who jettisoned them into space. Why you ask?… No reason was really given aside from the scientists being incompetent ass hats.

Anyways, the show was later picked up by a few television stations (not just public access) and got a budget. The show was amazing throughout its entire run. So I present to you… all of the episodes, streaming online.


Season 1
101 - The Crawling Eye
102 - The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy
103 - The Mad Monster
104 - Women of the Prehistoric Planet
105 - The Corpse Vanishes
106 - The Crawling Hand
107 - Robot Monster
108 - The Slime People
109 - Project Moonbase
110 - Robot Holocaust
111 - Moon Zero Two
112 - Untamed Youth
113 - The Black Scorpion

Season 2
201 - Rocketship X-M
202 - The Sidehackers
203 - Jungle Goddess
204 - Catalina Caper
205 - Rocket Attack USA
206 - Ring of Terror
207 - Wild Rebels
208 - Lost Continent
209 - The Hellcats
210 - King Dinosaur
211 - First Spaceship on Venus
212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon
213 - Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

Season 3
301 - Cave Dwellers
302 - Gamera
303 - Pod People
304 - Gamera vs. Barugon
305 - Stranded in Space
306 - Time of the Apes
307 - Daddy-O
308 - Gamera vs. Gaos
309 - The Amazing Colossal Man
310 - Fugitive Alien
311 - It Conquered the World
312 - Gamera vs. Guiron
313 - Earth vs. the Spider
314 - Mighty Jack
315 - Teenage Caveman
316 - Gamera vs. Zigra
317 - The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent
318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
319 - War of the Colossal Beast
320 - The Unearthly
321 - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
322 - Master Ninja I
323 - The Castle of Fu Manchu
324 - Master Ninja II

Season 4
401 - Space Travelers
402 - The Giant Gila Monster
403 - City Limits
404 - Teenagers from Outer Space
405 - Being from Another Planet
406 - Attack of the Giant Leeches
407 - The Killer Shrews
408 - Hercules Unchained
409 - The Indestructible Man
410 - Hercules Against the Moon Men
411 - The Magic Sword
412 - Hercules and the Captive Women
413 - Manhunt in Space
414 - Tormented
415 - The Beatniks
416 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space
417 - Crash of the Moons
418 - Attack of the the Eye Creatures
419 - The Rebel Set
420 - The Human Duplicators
421 - Monster A-Go Go
422 - The Day the Earth Froze
423 - Bride of the Monster
424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate

For the entire 10 season collection visit MST3K-Club




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—Ralph Steadman


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maybe if I can find some other interesting people I can motivate myself to use it more…

@ psci on Ello

PM me your email address if you still need an invite

It’s pretty barren over there but has more potential than G+ did so…. yeah.

Played 54 times

Take note, Marlboro friends:

When I come out of Orals next semester I would like this song played very loudly…

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We have this friend Wendy, who’s just had a baby…

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The joke behind Squirrel Girl, created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko, is that she’s an unlikely hero who looks sort of ridiculous in her furry mammal costume, yet somehow she proves unbeatable against every dangerous villain or crazed maniac she meets. One may wonder if the gimmick has the sticking power to support an ongoing series, but it’s worked pretty well for Batman for the last 75 years.
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Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck by Shel Silverstein

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