Steal His Look: Dr. Clayton Forrester

  • Burberry Jacket: $225
  • Clear Lens Run DMC Retro Square Glasses, Green A582: $9.95
  • Burberry Silk Blouse: $125
  • Saint Laurent tie design scarf: $325
  • Black H&M Slacks: $24
  • Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 suede pumps: $620
  • Cheesy Movie (the worst you can find): Probably like $0.99 in the bargain bin at any store

celluloidfire! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

(also… whoa there expensive cosplay!)

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Death. When you’re young, you think about it. I mean, you don’t really think about it - you have the intelligence of raspberry jam, you’re not thinking about anything. But it’s there, as a motive force, making you do things.  - Dylan Moran

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The Continuing Adventures of Holy Shit I Don’t Want to Write This Paper

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One of my all-time favorite gifs

One of my all-time favorite gifs

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It’s that time of year again…

Heracles was a dick


Should You Trust That Doctor?

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This Is Getting Out Of Hand.png


it ended here because nobody knows what the wiggly brackets are called

Beaten boldly by Brigadier Braces.


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I would like to tell you guys about this website, if you have not heard of it already.  Zenni Optical does prescription glasses for $7USD (some frames are more expensive, but they have a LOT of cheap, and really cute choices).  That includes the frames, prescription lenses, a case, and a cleaning cloth.  All for seven dollars.  All you need is your prescription.  For a few dollars extra, you can get prescription sunglasses.  This is a great resource for people on cheap health insurance, or if you just tend to break your glasses a lot and need a few extra pairs.

I just got mine yesterday, and they’re very sturdy.  Better than the last pair I got through insurance, actually.  And when I inevitably break these ones, Zenni has my prescription saved so I can quickly order a new pair.  I picked the cheap shipping option (four bucks), and they took about a week and a half to get here, but there’s a faster option for about $14 or so. 

Glasses are one of those things a lot of cheap health insurance won’t cover, which makes this an invaluable resource for anyone on a budget.  They even ship internationally.

I can vouch that this website is legit and awesome. My current pair of glasses only cost me $60, you get tons of options in terms of the types of lenses+accessories and add ons for basically a fraction of the price that they’d cost at any optical store. I can’t recommend this place enough for anyone that needs an updated pair of glasses

I have two pairs from there, both of which cost me less than $30. I would definitely get glasses from them again.

I have a pair from there which cost me about $60, I went for more expensive frames and transition lenses. Still cheaper than the $230 my other pair cost me, so I cannot complain! They’re really good imo.

This is where I got my last two pairs of glasses. Both pairs look exactly like the picture, and after a couple days of consideration before purchasing, I was super happy with both. Zenni today, tomorrow, and forever. 


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To shave or not to shave

That is the question


Have You Seen Your Cat? flyer

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